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Announcing the Devver API (alpha version 0.1)

Devver is great if you have a large test or spec suite that benefits from massive parallelism. But what if you have a project with fast tests and you just want to run them regularly? In this case, our existing service may be more than you need.

To further our vision of enabling Ruby developers to easily and quickly run their tests in the cloud, we’ve recently released the very first version of a HTTP-based Devver API. Right now, it offers a single service: a GitHub compatible web hook which will cause Devver to do a continuous integration-style build of your project, and email you the results.

The API is still in it’s infancy but we already have some cool features:

  • Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases
  • A RubyGem installation system that (by default) uses your



    files to install gems

  • An extremely flexible hooks system so you can customize the way we install gems, prepare your database, run your ‘build’ command, and notify you.

We’re releasing very early, so there are some rough spots (notably, the output is too verbose and the setup is too complicated). But we’re also releasing often, so please let us know what you think and which features you’d like to see added.

If you have a project on GitHub, please try out the API and send us feedback. We’d really appreciate it!


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September 16, 2009 at 11:55 am

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