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Devver adds Postgres and SQLite database support

We are working hard to quickly expand our compatibility on Ruby projects. With that goal driving us, we are happy to announce support for Postgres and SQLite databases. With the addition of these database options, along with our existing support for MySQL, Devver now supports all of the most popular databases commonly used with Ruby. These three databases are the default databases tested against ActiveRecord and we expect will cover the majority of the Ruby community.

To begin working with Postgres or SQLite on Devver all you need to do is have a database.yml with the test environment set to the adapter of your choice. If we don’t support your favorite database, you can still request a beta invite and let us know which database you want us to support. If we just added support for your database, perhaps we can speed up your project on Devver, so request a beta invite.


Written by DanM

July 6, 2009 at 12:24 pm

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