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Tips for Testing: Tip #5

Tip 5: Improve your tests over time

Here’s a terrible idea – decide you are going to spend a whole week building a test suite for your project. First of all, you’ll likely just get frustrated and burn out on testing. Secondly, you’ll probably write bad tests at first, so even if you get a bunch of tests written, you’re going to need to go back and rewrite them one you figure out how slow, brittle, or unreadable they are.

As they say, the best writing is rewriting. You should try out new techniques (and rewrite) old test code. But it’s OK to have patchwork tests.

You just found out fixtures suck? (they do). Or that those ‘setup’ methods make your tests less readable? Are you excited about using mocks? Great, apply your new technique to some new tests, rewrite a few old tests, and call it a day. Don’t try to rewrite your whole suite, because you’ll be kicking yourself when you rewrite your suite again after you decide technique X isn’t perfect in all cases.

Just like in production code, good practices take awhile to bake and prove themselves. See how maintainable, easy to understand, easy to read a new technique is. You can always move more tests over.


Written by Ben

June 27, 2008 at 10:09 am

Posted in Testing

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