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Tips for Testing: Tip #4

Tip 4: Always write one test

When writing new code, it’s easy to avoid testing because it seems so daunting to test all the functionality. Rather than thinking of testing as an all-or-nothing proposition, try to write just one good test for the new functionality.

You’ll find that having just one test is much, much better than having no tests at all. Why? First of all, it’ll catch catastrophic errors, even if it doesn’t catch bugs in edge cases. Secondly, writing even one test may force you to refactor your production code slightly to make it more testable (which in turn, makes future tests easier to write). Finally, it gives you “test momentum”. If you have no tests, you’ll be inclined to delay testing, since there is more overhead to get started. But if you already have just one test in place, it’ll be much easier to add tests as you think of them (and to write regression tests as you find bugs).

By the way, don’t worry about testing at exactly the right level. Having one functional test is way better than having no tests at all. You can always come back and break the “bigger” test down into more targeted, precise tests.


Written by Ben

June 26, 2008 at 8:09 am

Posted in Testing

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